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  • DATASYNTHESIS - DS UNIQ™ - Experience Your Data 
  • U - Unified. N - No-code. I - Integrated. Q - Qualified.


21 августа 2018

  • The Enterprise Platform
  • Reduces complexity and risk through transparency, automation and collaboration capabilities


21 августа 2018

  • Infinite Scalability
  • Cloud native data warehousing architecture governed by proactive Quality control principles 


21 августа 2018

  • For Clean and Accurate Data
  • Control data supply chain quality and process flow distribution transparency 

                     Stuck with outdated Technology and Data Quality Problems?




Q: How is DATASYNTHESIS different from other data management platforms?

A: DS UNIQ™ empowers non-technical users to uphold data management lifecycle from end-to-end. We enable business and technology collaboration to define and control data quality policy in one place.

Q: How will DATASYNTHESIS help business users become more productive?

A: DS UNIQ™ helps you to prevent problems from ever happening with simple, no-code integration between metadata standards and data delivery workflows.

Q: Why consider DATASYNTHESIS now?

A: DS UNIQ™ makes cloud-native technology working for you by significantly reducing the total ownership cost of your data related to regulatory, operational and risk aspects of enterprise data management.





22 августа 2018

Identify: Identity resolution of financial instruments and business entities.


22 августа 2018

Describe: Unambiguous metadata rules and standards for critical data elements.


22 августа 2018

Link: Graph technology to uphold relationships between enterprise business entities.

Data Information Architecture


              How does DS UNIQ™ change the game?


                                                           You Gain Power Over Your Data

                                     +  No-code point-and-click fast data ingest set-up

                                  +  Define data semantics, ontology and standards

                                  +  Catalog the data flow to capture the Lineage


                                       You get real-time Data Quality

                                  +  Near real-time Data Quality Profiling reports

                                  +  Define Business Rules in Plain English

                                  +  Quality score-based data Distribution


                                      You Recognize The Cost Savings

                                 +  Modern DataOps BigData Technology stack

                                 +  On-demand infrastructure scaling as needed

                                 +  Vendor agnostic Enterprise cloud platform


                                      You Are More Productive

                                +  Create and execute Data Governance Policies

                                +  Change and exceptions management Process

                                +  It cost lees to prevent then fix the problem



Control Data Environment

  • Chatbot integration with your Team Collaboration tools 
  • Self-serviced temporal Metadata and Data Governance
  • Consistent and complete data across multiple domains
  • Pre-built Canonical Data Models for Distribution
  • Enterprise Service Bus and Data Lake integration